Identity verification solutions

Use Australia Post Digital iD™ to help increase your conversion rates and verify your customers to the level of assurance you need.

Verify more customers in real-time with Digital iD™

Use Digital iD™ to verify your customers by checking their identity documents back to Australian issuer records.

Digital iD™ makes it faster to onboard your customers, reduce dropout rates and the cost of verification.

Digital iD™ Identity verification options

Document verification

Verify customer's name and date of birth by checking one or multiple identity documents.

Biometric verification

Verify customer's name, date of birth, and face by checking identity documents and Biometric facial recognition.

In person verification

Digital iD™ gives you the flexibility to identify customer's in-person across Australia Post's extensive physical network.

Digital iD™ Use Cases

Financial Services
Sharing Economy
Online Crypto-currency exchange
Cloud Software Platform
Account creation

How Digital iD™ can help you

How Digital iD™ works

Digital iD™ offers two different integration options depending on your requirements.

Our Web Widget allows customers to complete the verification process within a web experience powered by Digital iD™ and easily integrated into your customer onboarding process, while our Connect API enables customers to complete the verification process via the Digital iD™ app on their iOS or Android mobile device.  

Web widget flow

Connect API flow

Seamless set up and integration

Integrating with Digital iD™ is quick and easy. With detailed documentation and local help and support, you can start securely verifying your customers within days.

Digital iD™ is API driven, so you will benefit from any updates we make without having to take on significant system upgrades.

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