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The logos for Australia Post Digital iD™ and Airtasker appear on a blue screen.|

Text: Building trust on Airtasker. 


Bright music.


In an open plan Airtasker office, bikes sit in a wall rack. People work at computers.

A man is interviewed in an office. Text: Tim Fung, Founder & CEO Airtasker:

The Digital iD™ logo appears on an Airtasker website. 


So the thesis for starting Airtasker was actually all about trust in the community. So at Airtasker, we've been using Digital iD™ to help create trust by using identity as the actual centre of a person's reputation passport. 


A man wearing an Airtasker T-shirt is interviewed on stairs.

Text: Michael Boateng, Tasker: 


So I initially started on Airtasker doing photography and videography work as well as a little bit of design work, but as I used Airtasker more and more, I found I could monetise any number of skills that I had. So I found that I could do furniture assembly, removalist work and even deliveries.


Michael carries flowers towards a house.

A woman is interviewed in a house.

Text: Jasmine Collins, Student & Airtasker member: 


So it was my mum's birthday recently and I was very busy at uni with assessments and exams, so I posted on Airtasker for a Tasker to deliver flowers to Mum.


Using phones, Jasmine posts on Airtasker and Michael responds. Michael delivers flowers to a woman who beams.

Jasmine Collins:


Picked up a bouquet of flowers and delivered it to my front door for my mum. It was so easy. Mum had a great birthday. Yeah, it was a great experience.


A dark-haired woman is interviewed in an office.

Text: Jennifer Flynn, VP of Product Airtasker:

Jasmine uses her phone, Michael uses a laptop.


I think our whole community is built around trust, so it's incredibly important to us that people who are either posting tasks or are completing the tasks are able to understand the requirements that they have of each other and, you know, a basic requirement that they absolutely are who they say they are, which is why Digital iD™ is such an important part of the foundation of our product.


Jasmine's mother carries her flowers down a hallway. The Digital iD™ logo appears on Michael's Airtasker profile page.

Michael is interviewed. 


Obviously, for me being on Airtasker, someone has to be able to trust me. Obviously be... you know, have the feeling of safety with me being there. The Digital iD™ badge was extremely easy to add to my profile. It took about two minutes. All I needed was my date of birth and name on my Airtasker profile and my driver's licence and within a couple of minutes, I was all done.


Jennifer is interviewed.

Jasmine posts on Airtasker, Michael responds.

Jennifer Flynn:


We know that Taskers who have Digital iD™ badges are more likely to be assigned. They have a better completion rate so they are more reliable. So for posters who are selecting, they should select people with this badge.


Jasmine is interviewed.


I think that trust on any online profile is one of the most important things. Privacy and sharing your information with community members and being able to trust that they will keep that confidential and that they can share their information with you is super important.


The Australia Post Digital iD™ logo appears on a blue background, which shrinks to form the Digital iD™ Badge against a white background. Text: Find out more at

Beside the Apple logo text reads, "Download on the App Store."

Beside the Google Play logo text reads "Get it on Google Play."


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