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ID on your phone.

Digital iD™ from Australia Post.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Using Digital iD™ online

Choose to verify with Digital iD™

When you transact online, look out for the option to verify your identity with Digital iD™.

You’ll see the Digital iD™ logo on a growing number of websites when you’re asked to enter the details of your identity documents.

Send your verified details

Enter the details of your identity documents, then choose to send your verified details to the organisation you’re dealing with.

Use it again, and save time

No need to reach for your identity documents next time you’re asked to verify yourself online.

Just choose the Digital ID™ option, log in and apply your completed Digital ID™, and you’re done.

Video Audio
Open on a hand holding the phone with Digital iD™ logo. Hand slides down out of frame. The grey circle shrinks to nothing. 
Digital iD™ from Australia Post is the easy and secure way to prove who you are.
Lucy pops up to introduce the character in the scenario. Grey circle reappears.
Cut to a grey close up of Lucy’s hand. Lucy’s hand (on left) slides up while holding Australian passport icon, the concierge (on right) slides in with hotel key. Lucy’s hand slides down out of frame. Lucy’s hand (on left) slides up while holding photo card icon, the bouncer (on right) stamps Lucy’s hand. Lucy’s hand slides down out of frame. Lucy’s hand (on left) slides up while holding photo card icon, the post office worker (on right) slides in with parcel. Lucy’s hand slides down out of frame. 

Like most of us, there's many times where Lucy needs to prove who she is.

Digital iD™ is designed to simplify this process.

A grey Lucy drops down into the frame. Each identity icon hovers around like a cloud. Imagine Lucy being able to easily verify her identity...
Lucy pulls out her phone, and each identity icon receives a verified tick. Lucy changes to a blue colour. ... when opening a savings account, proving her age...
Zoom and centre on phone once all icons are verified. Background thumbprint element pulses. ... and even accessing government services.
Zoom out to reveal Lucy at her computer. Verified icons appear as she types. As she does this, that makes her phone react in her pocket - i.e. she applies online for a savings account and as she clicks next her phone vibrates/moves on the des. On Monday, Lucy applies for a new savings account so she can start saving for her overseas holiday.
A QR code appears on Lucy's screen and she reaches for her phone in her pocket to scan it, which verifies with the tick. She then gets up and exits to the right. While filling in her online bank application with a participating bank she uses Digital iD™ to verify her identity by adding her driver's license or passport details.
Cut to Lucy walking out of her home into different venues. She can easily share her verified identity using her phone...
As she walks through, the verification tick appears. Lucy continues to walk into garden scene. ... the next time she needs to prove who she is wherever Digital iD™ is accepted. There's no longer the need for her to constantly re-enter and verify information,
Lucy waters her plants. so she can get on with the things she enjoys doing.
Forms pile up and Lucy begins filling them out. When providing personal details in the past, Lucy has been asked to share more information than necessary.
Lucy inputs IPIN code, and the lock snaps open. Digital iD™ lets her share only the information required with the peace of mind that her identity is protected.
Scene morphs to a scene with Lucy and an Australia Post employee holding keys. Advanced encryption technology safely guards her personal data...
Zoom into vault door. Keys get inserted. Vault door opens to reveal Lucy's verified identity icons. ... and ensures that it remains safe even if her phone is lost or stolen. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure and convenient way...
Scene zooms out to reveal vault on Lucy's phone. Phone screen changes to Digital iD™ brand marks and zooms in.

.. to prove your identity. 

Verify your way and save time with Digital iD™.

Digital iD™ logo animates on Free to download from the App Store and Google Play Store.


Verify your way and save time
with Digital iD™

Digital iD™ makes verifying your identity easy. It’s a secure, safe and simple way for you to prove who you are without having to continuously use your identity documents. 

Use Keypass in Digital iD™ too

With Keypass in Digital iD™, you can even prove who you are in-person. Download the Digital iD™ app, verify your details and give it a try next time you enter an 18+ venue in Vic, Tas, ACT, Qld and NT.

As we continue to grow, you’ll be able to use your Keypass in Digital iD™ for a range of identity moments. 

Who's on board?

We’re working with a growing number of organisations, including:

Logos for Australia Post, Keypass in Digital iD, Airtasker, Travelex, Coinjar, @SpacetoCo, CUA, Coin Loft, Enablr

A reputation built on trust

For over 200 years Australians have been trusting Australia Post to securely deliver the sensitive information their letters and parcels contain. We also conduct over 6 million identity checks each year through our post office network. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure digital alternative to use to prove your identity.

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Available now on the App Store and Google Play

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