Get in on the next big thing

ID on your phone.

Digital iD™ from Australia Post.

Available now on the App Store and Google Play.

Using Digital iD™ online

Choose to verify with Digital iD™

When you transact online, look out for the option to verify your identity with Digital iD™.

You’ll see the Digital iD™ logo on a growing number of websites when you’re asked to enter the details of your identity documents.

Send your verified details

Enter the details of your identity documents, then choose to send your verified details to the organisation you’re dealing with.

Use it again, and save time

No need to reach for your identity documents next time you’re asked to verify yourself online.

Just choose the Digital iD™ option, log in and apply your completed Digital iD™, and you’re done.

Video description

Digital iD™ from Australia Post makes verifying your identity easy. It’s a secure, safe and simple way for you to prove who you are online and in person without having to continuously use your identity documents.

If you are 18+, with a verified Digital iD™, you can use Keypass in Digital iD™ to enter participating licensed venues and prove your age when purchasing alcohol.

To find out more, download the Digital iD™ app or visit

This video primarily shows words and sentences flashing up on screen with background music and some decorative imagery.

Transcript of words appearing on screen:

Your ID is who you are
But is who you are secure?
If you lose your ID
You can lose your identity
But not with Digital iD™
Digital iD™
Is the high-tech
Is the low-effort
ID of the future
And it’s here now
Putting you back in control of your identity
One app so you can…
Show the world your moves
Without showing your address
Pick up a parcel
Without picking up your wallet
Get a job done
Without worrying about who you’re hiring
Verify your identity once
Then you won’t need to do it again
Digital iD™ has advanced encryption technology
So your identity stays safe
So swap your purse
for pixels
With ID on your phone
And get in on the next big thing.
Digital iD™

Keypass in Digital iD™ is accepted in Vic, NT, Qld, Tas and on trial in the civic region of ACT as a proof of age to enter licensed venues and purchase alcohol.

Use Keypass in Digital iD™ too

With Keypass in Digital iD™, you can even prove who you are in person. Download the Digital iD™ app, verify your details and give it a try next time you enter a participating 18+ venue in Vic, Tas, ACT, Qld and NT.

As we continue to grow, you’ll be able to use your Keypass in Digital iD™ for a range of identity moments.

Who's on board?

We're working with a growing number of organisations, including:

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CUA logo
CUSA logo
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SpacetoCo logo
The Room Xchange logo
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A reputation built on trust

For over 200 years Australians have been trusting Australia Post to securely deliver the sensitive information their letters and parcels contain. We also conduct over 6 million identity checks each year through our post office network. With Digital iD™, Australia Post offers a secure digital alternative to use to prove your identity.

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Available now on the App Store and Google Play

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