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AIA Australia is tapping into Australia Post’s Digital iD service

12 May 2022

The integration via DocuSign means the AML/KYC compliance task that is traditionally completed manually by the business, can now be achieved digitally.

How you can use Digital iD with DocuSign

11 June 2021

A new solution from DocuSign – the global leader in electronic signatures and Australia Post, is making it easier for consumers to sign documents and prove who they are, all from their smartphone.

AusPost's Digital iD linked with DocuSign for e-signatures

24 March 2021

Australia Post’s Digital iD identity credential can now be used with DocuSign, allowing users to prove their identity for e-signatures without uploading physical identity documents separately.

Digital iD partnerships encourage online choice and confidence

4 September 2020

Through its digital identity platform, Australia Post is working with a number of providers to create a secure solution for consumers, businesses and government to verify who they're dealing with online. 

Iconic Australian brands team up to trial eftpos digital identity and payments solution

27 July 2020

eftpos today announced it is working with one of Australia’s best known brands, Australia Post, to pilot a new way of securely identifying consumers making payments in the digital world.

Australia Post's Digital iD™ taps into NFC on iPhones

20 September 2019

Australia Post has wasted no time bringing NFC capabilities to iPhone users of its Digital iD™ app following the launch of Apple’s new iOS 13 operating system.

Australia Post points Digital iD™ at job applicant checks

19 August 2019

Australia Post has launched a new all-in-one platform for businesses and government to verify the identity of job applicants online using its Digital ID identity credential.

Australia Post's Digital iD™ secures TDIF accreditation

24 July 2019

Australia Post's Digital iD™ has become the first industry provider accredited under the federal government’s Trusted Digital Identity Framework (TDIF).

Students won’t risk losing their identity this O-Week with Digital ID™

12 February 2019

Tertiary students getting ready for O-Week activities now have a secure digital alternative to carrying around their physical ID with the Australia Post Digital iD™ app.

Australia Post looks to peer endorsement for Digital ID™

9 August 2018

The founder of Australia Post's digital identification play, Cameron Gough, has detailed the desired future of Digital iD™ - the postal service's online verification system, with a LinkedIn-like endorsement routine on the cards.

Digital iD™ – A Forgetful Student’s Saviour?

9 August 2018

With the new Digital iD™ app, students can leave their wallets at home. Across Canberra the new program is being trialled at venues such as Mr Wolf, Kokomos and Akiba, as proof of age.

The Keypass on Digital iD™ can be sighted by venue staff like any other form of regular ID or the unique QR code can be scanned by another phone with the app.

The digital economy is changing – and fast

13 June 2018

The digital economy is changing the way Australians interact, connect and transact. Digital iD™ can be used to take the hassle out of the identity verification process for businesses, especially in the way customers transact in as they navigate the changing digital economy.

CUA outlines first results of AusPost Digital iD™ trial

8 June 2018

Credit Union Australia has revealed the first results of its trial of Australia Post’s Digital iD™ identity verification service

Congratulations to Victorian iAwards winners

21 May 2018

The iAwards program celebrates innovation in the digital economy and recognises the achievements of those at the forefront of Australian innovation, and the projects shaping our modern economy.

You can now use an Australia Post app to get into these Canberra clubs

1 May 2018

From Tuesday, people can use an app created by Australia Post as proof of age at four Civic venues. The app - called Digital iD™ - is a digitised version of Australia Post's Keypass card, a proof-of-age card used across Australia for the last 25 years.

Staff at a venue match the customer's face to their photo on their Digital iD™ profile, the same as they would if they...

Licensed venues allow digital Keypass

19 March 2018

Victoria has begun accepting a digital version of Australia Post’s Keypass ID card as a valid form of identification in licensed venues across the state.

Gaming and liquor regulation minister Marlene Kairouz approved the use of Keypass within the Digital iD™ platform as an acceptable proof of age document ...

Partygoers can now use an app instead of an ID card to prove they're over 18

17 March 2018

Partygoers now can use a new form of identification – Keypass in Digital iD™ – to prove their age when entering 18+ venues.

The minister for gaming and liquor regulation Marlene Kairouz has approved the use of Keypass in Digital iD™…

Keypass in Digital iD™ now an accepted form of identification

16 March 2018

Licensees can now accept the new Keypass in Digital iD from Australia Post as an acceptable form of identification.

The Minister for Consumer Affairs, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, the Hon Marlene Kairouz MP has approved Keypass in Digital iD ...

Australia Post's Digital iD™ named best federal govt IT project

21 February 2018

Australia Post's strategic manoeuvre towards digital identity has earned it the top prize in the federal government category of the iTnews Benchmark Awards 2018.

The postal firm's internally developed Digital iD™ identity verification solution ...


Inside AusPost’s plans to make Digital iD™ the new social login

29 November 2017

Australia Post wants to embed its Digital iD™ identity verification solution into the Australian conscious as the nation's go-to online login and verification service. The Digital iD™ service allows an individual to verify their identity and use this proof both on- and offline. The platform uses...

AusPost and the Digital iD™ push

29 November 2017

Australia Post will start offering a biometric, face-recognition component to its Digital iD™ service in the next couple of weeks, before ramping up marketing of the service from February.

The first iteration of Post’s Digital iD™ service was...

Australia Post snaps up facial biometrics

28 November 2017

Australia Post has revealed it is about to add biometric facial recognition — like the scan used to unlock new iPhones rather than fingerprints — to its rapidly evolving Digital iD™ solution.

To be made available as a soft launch from…

The future of identity services lies in choice, control and security

6 October 2017

Australians are increasingly transacting online. We pay our bills, buy goods, and often complete at least part of an application for important services - such as a credit card or licence application - online. But the process for proving our identity is heavily reliant on the…

What Apple’s Face ID means for Australia Post’s Digital iD™

21 September 2017

Identity verification has never been more important than in an age of global cybercrime, network hacking and online fraud. But proving who you are, particularly online, can be a cumbersome, often friction-filled process.

We’re excited to be part of a future in which identity…

Australia Post signs on its first businesses with its Digital iD™

7 August 2017

Online job marketplace Airtasker, credit union CUA, foreign exchange company Travelex, and Queensland Police are among the first adopters of Australia Post's new digital identity service as it seeks to corner the local market in proving credentials…

How digital identity could resolve the privacy paradox

14 June 2017

Every day, Australians are asked to prove who they are. From logging into online accounts to applying for a credit card or police check, identity plays a role in the transaction process.
And it’s causing friction.

Password fatigue and privacy concerns make identity…

Australia Post and DTA finally hook up on digital identity

19 May 2017

The federal government’s protracted journey towards providing Australians with a Commonwealth minted digital identity credential has moved a significant step closer to becoming a reality following the announcement of a partnership between Australia Post and the Digital Transformation Agency…

A single digital identity could unlock billions in economic opportunity


Our systems for verifying identity online have failed to keep up with the digitisation of the economy – or the expectations of consumers.

Frustration, a lack of control and inefficiency is costing Australia’s economy up to $11 billion in missed opportunity…

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