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Australia Post Digital iD™ is trusted by over 50 government and private organisations across a variety of industries and sectors.

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We’re changing the way ID is used in Australia, in person and online. By seamlessly verifying your customers, Digital iD™ takes the hassle out of validating identity for your business.

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The logos for Australia Post Digital iD and Airtasker appear on a blue screen.

Text: Integrating Digital iD with Airtasker.


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People work in an open plan Airtasker office. On a screen, graphics show the number of active users increasing.

The Airtasker website features the Digital iD logo.

A man is interviewed in an office. Text: Tim Fung, Founder & CEO Airtasker:


Australia Post Digital iD and Airtasker are quite aligned because we're both trying to achieve the same thing which is to create trust through identity, and use that trust, I guess, to facilitate commerce which might not be able to happen if that trust wasn't there. 


A man in a Digital iD T-shirt is interviewed.

Text: Tung Nguyen, Strategic Partnerships Digital iD:

In a courtyard, a young man uses his laptop. Workers talk in an office. 


The synergies between Airtasker and Australia Post is essentially trust. So on Airtasker, they've built a marketplace that has two sides to it, and both sides need trust to be able to interact with each other. And in a physical environment, that's quite easy - you and I could talk to each other, build rapport and over time develop trust. In a digital environment, it's actually quite hard, so they needed a way to solve for that problem. 


The young man's Airtasker profile page features the Digital iD logo.

A man in an Airtasker T-shirt is interviewed.

Text: Daniel O'Callaghan, Senior Engineer Airtasker.

In the Airtasker office, people work at computers. 


I think the Digital iD Badge offers Airtasker basically an enhanced level of trust in our platform, in our Taskers. So we've found it quite simple, actually, to integrate our systems between Airtasker and Digital iD, and that's mainly because Digital iD follows industry best practices using OpenAuth to establish a trusted link between two systems. 


A woman is interviewed in an office.

Text: Jennifer Flynn, VP of Product Airtasker.

Employees work at computers and have meetings. 


To integrate with Digital iD was a really seamless process. We had a couple of workshops with the iD team. The technology was very clearly set up and documented from the get-go. I think our engineers here found it really easy to work with, and I think it's been one of our easier projects, one of our easier integration projects. 


Tung Nguyen is interviewed.


The problem that Airtasker was hoping to solve is a problem that we've been solving for 200 years, and we've just helped them evolve into the digital space.


The Australia Post Digital iD logo appears on a blue background, which shrinks to form the Digital iD Badge against a white background.

Text: Find out more at DigitaliD.com.

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Hear from Airtasker about their experience integrating Digital iD™

As a technology start-up, Airtasker sought a partner that matched its values and capabilities. Digital iD™ ticked the boxes for minimal integration cost, time and development effort.

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