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An easy solution for identity checks

Australia Post’s Digital iD™ helps make it easier for your customers to verify their identity to the level you require. Easily integrated into your experience, Digital iD™ helps you meet your compliance obligations, boost conversions and build trust.

Using Digital iD™ allows you to leverage the established trust of the Australia Post brand, built over 200 years of putting people first. Each year, Australia Post conducts over 8 million identity checks through our extensive retail network and online, making us one of Australia’s leading providers of choice for both individuals and businesses.

Integration made easy

Easily integrate Digital iD™ into your current flows and processes with web and native SDKs. With detailed documentation and local help and support, you can start securely verifying your customers within days.

Digital iD™ is built on a new class of identity verification API's, so you will benefit from any updates we make, without having to take on significant system upgrades.

Video: The video opens on the Australia Post logo.

Audio: Audio throughout is a backing track playing a fairly happy tune.

Video: Two letters representing each of the speeds fly out of the logo.

Audio: From the 4th January 2016, Australia Post is making some changes, giving you the choice of two speeds for sending letters with concession stamps.
We hear a 'shoopy' sound as the letters fly out of the logo.
Each speed has a sound (beep/tone) as a trigger for the audience. When the three speeds first come into frame we hear the beeps in ascending order.

Video: A turquoise square appears on screen with the word 'Priority'.

Audio: Priority

Video: A red street posting box quickly appears with a letter flying out of the posting box into a postie's backback on his bike. The postie then rides away and a letter now appears in the middle of the screen with a hand coming in and placing a Priority label next to the stamp. The price appears underneath the letter. 60c + 50c*.
An Australia Post store pops up and this animation changes into a computer. The computer turns into a calendar with the date 14 December, which then turns into 4 January.
*Subject to ACCC and Ministerial notification processes

Audio: To have your letters delivered within 1-4 business days, depending on the destination, simply apply a Priority label next to your concession stamp. Priority labels will be available to purchase at your local Post Office or at auspost.com.au/shop from 14 December 2015 for use from 4 January 2016.
A sound for the letter flying.
A sound for the motorbike.

Video: A grey square appears on screen with the word 'Regular'.

Audio: Regular

Video: The Regular letter then appears with the price 60c.
A hand appears holding the letter. The letter is then placed in a red street posting box. The letter flies out of the box into a postie's backpack on his bike.

Audio: For the regular service, just apply a concession stamp as usual. Delivery of letters with only a concession stamp will take up to 2 business days longer than the Priority service, depending on the destination.
Sound for the letter being posted.
A sound for the letter flying.
A sound for the motorbike.

Video: The postie then rides away and the Concession stamp now appears in the middle of the screen. This turns into many stamps.

Audio: The price of concession stamps will remain at $0.60 and MyPost Concession account holders can continue to purchase up to 50 concession stamps per year.
A sound plays for the purchase.
Sounds play for the laptop keys.
Page turning sounds for the calendar.

Video: An Australia Post store then pops up with a red street posting box out the front of it.
The video ends with the Australia Post logo and a button which says "Click here if you have any questions".

Audio: Both Priority and Regular letters can be posted in red street posting boxes or at any Post Office. You now have more choice over the speed at which your letters are delivered.
A sound plays when the Post Office and post box pop up.

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Digital iD™ is accredited under the Australian Government Information Security Manual (ISM).

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